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Some Are Clingers

11m Comedy 2022

Region: Tatyoon, Victoria

Unclassified: 15+ (Strong language) Audience members under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Sam is new to town and is committed to his work but his work colleague Justin pushes him to meet new people through a dating app. Sam find himself in an unusual situation which could all be part of Justin’s grand plan.

Director Leila McDougall

Director Leila McDougall was born and grew up in Walcha, a rural town in New South Whales, Australia. She went on to study Fashion and Costume Design at Ruffles Institute of Design and Commerce and graduated with Honours. Her love for creating costumes for film unleashed her desire to write and share the stories of Rural Australians. Leila lives with her husband and two children on their Farm in Rural Victoria where she has set up her studio to write and produce films. Her debut film as a director is ‘Some are Clingers’ which is a comedy based in Rural Victoria. Leila’s is passionate about showcasing Rural Australia and producing her films in rural areas.

“I have been obsessed with the world of film from a young age. I remember walking in to town on Saturdays to get an ice-cream and rent the latest movies on VCR. I am Dyslexic and it has taken me until my 30’s to develop the confidence to write films and produce them. I am now doing what I truly love doing, research, writing and sharing stories with the world.”


Leila McDougall


Leila McDougall






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