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The Gujjar

5m Documentary 2021

Region: Geraldton WA

Youth Entry

Unclassified: No age restrictions

A short documentary about an immigrant’s effort to contribute to his regional community and provide a better life for his family.

Director Daina Robinson

Director Daina Robinson is a Year 12 student from Nagle Catholic College in Geraldton, Western Australia. She discovered a passion and talent for filmmaking when she began studying Media at school in 2021. “The Gujjar” is Daina’s first short film and was completed when she was 16 years old. Daina planned, filmed, edited and produced “The Gujjar” individually as a solo film project.

“Living in a small, regional community I am acutely aware of the challenges faced by newcomers as they attempt to fit in. I am also aware of the impact that reputation can have, and the immense power of social media. I was impressed by the efforts of a local family to establish a new business here in Geraldton and I set out to tell their story.”




Daina Robinson


Daina Robinson